claudiu andras - lost and found - IBL 03

lost and found

Lately I’ve been thinking about those things, that have a way of coming back to you. Simple, little things, lost on the way and rediscovered more beautifully than ever imagined… But since I’m talking mostly to myself here, I am going to stop and let you scroll through the first official post of the year.

These photos were taken in Timisoara, a place that keeps surprising me in the loveliest possible ways and that I know I’m going to see soon!

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in my city - claudiu andras - IBL

in my city

So, I guess time calls for a little more serious post. The photos posted here were taken in Timisoara last month, a city that I’ve spent many years in making friends, studying, working, and that I hold dear to my heart. Beautiful memories keep me connected with this town and it saddens me to see what’s happening lately in it.

Ever since Nicolae Robu was elected mayor questionable decisions have been made one after the other. He’s decided to plant palm trees all around the city center (so ridiculous I actually found it funny), the cathedral’s historical staircase has been replaced, and these are just a few well known examples…

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claudiu andras - last day of fall - IBL 01

last day of fall

I cannot believe how fast this year went by… Tomorrow’s the official first day of winter and I cannot wait for it! This season has been really good to me, especially in the last couple of years. The first snow already hit Bucharest and I had a wonderful evening walking through the streets and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Everything’s more beautiful when it snows… that’s how I see it!

After the jump I’ve posted a few photos taken some time ago in Herastrau Park. The Maison Martin Margiela (fair isle trompe l’oeil) top was one of my favorite purchases and I always feel I do not get to wear it enough, paired with my favorite jeans from Massimo Dutti and the warmest winter jacket, here’s my take on a perfect fall outfit. Hope you all had a colorful autumn!

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