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So, I guess time calls for a little more serious post. The photos posted here were taken in Timisoara last month, a city that I’ve spent many years in making friends, studying, working, and that I hold dear to my heart. Beautiful memories keep me connected with this town and it saddens me to see what’s happening lately in it.

Ever since Nicolae Robu was elected mayor questionable decisions have been made one after the other. He’s decided to plant palm trees all around the city center (so ridiculous I actually found it funny), the cathedral’s historical staircase has been replaced, and these are just a few well known examples…

Here’s the latest now, it saddens me to say that one of my favorite places from this city, the Unirii Square, has been transformed into a parking lot. I cannot believe this is happening, that place is one of the most beautiful stops in the city. I remember two summers ago, I’ve spent almost every day there just siting and listening to music, watching strangers passing by… it was one of the places I felt really comfortable at a time in my life I was a lil bit down.

I, for one, cannot stand for this decision. The square is definitely not the place for a parking lot and also it’s not meant for cars to drive through, this needs to stop!

Sunday, at 4 P.M. there will be a protest against this decision, held in Unirii Square and I fully support it! I’m just sorry that I can’t be there in person… Thank you for taking the time to read these words as I find this issue really important to me and I believe that a lot more of Timisoara’s citizens feel the same.

To end on a lighter note, below, I’ve posted some photos taken the last time I was in Timisoara. I’ll be there again a few days before Christmas and hopefully this issue will be resolved by then.

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in my city - claudiu andras - IBL 03

Massimo Dutti leather jacket | Stefanel cardigan | H&M t-shirt | Lee Cooper jeans | Nike sneakers.

photos: Andrei Topli

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  1. This decision regarding Unirii Square is outrageous! I am disgusted of what is happening.
    Looking forward to have you here again! :-*


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