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If you pick up a copy of the November issue of JOY magazine you may stumble upon a little feature where I’m sharing the little things that make me happy! Thought I should also post them here, so (just to single out a few) here they are:

• I love spending my evenings at home, drinking a glass of wine with my dearest friends.
• listening to good music that’s always a great source of inspiration for my next projects.
• I do love a slice of chocolate cake for breakfast (or two…)
• it’s always exciting when I find a theatrical performance that remains in my head and makes me wanna see it over and over. (Si aici va recomand dontcrybaby si RETOX – cel din urma se joaca pe data de 3 Noiembrie, ora 19.00, la Teatrul Unteatru, Bucuresti – don’t miss it!)

joy magazine november print screen

P.S. Thank you JOY magazine for this lovely feature, the November issue is already on newsstands with the gorgeous Olivia Wilde on the cover!

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